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Софию Лагутинскую, руководителя Благотворительного центра «Верю в чудо», выдвинули от Калининграда на Государственную премию России в области благотворительности. Общественная палата РФ запустила портал народного голосования, где каждый гражданин имеет возможность поддержать кандидата, выдвинутого на Государственную премию от его региона. Поддержать Калининградскую область в голосовании можно по ссылке: http://xn--90afbdqaauyfreoa6l1b.xn--p1ai/



Для творческих занятий:     бумага цветная; картон цветной и белый; клей-карандаш; книжки-малютки для детей от года; канцтовары



11 ноября стартует десятая смена социальной реабилитационной программы «Мираклион. Осень-2017» - лагеря для детей, перенесших жизнеугрожающие заболевания...


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«I Believe in Miracle» - Welfare Center of Children’s Social and Medical Volunteering in Kaliningran Region  

Starting from 2007 we impllement a complex of volunteer infrastructural programs and special projects, aimed at supporting children who are in complicated situation.

Long-term charity programs:

Hospital Volunteering

Programs implemented since 2007

«Developing Cognitive and Creative Weekdays in Children’s Hospitals»

Assisting children in diversifying their daily leisure activities in their spare from treatment time. Carrying out developing creative and cognitive trainings, master-classes, presentation lessons for children at medical and preventive treatment facilities.

7 001 trainings

for 21 935 children[1].

from who 591 trainings for 2 455 children

Special Project Distance Education for Children

«Hospitalized orphans»

Escorting orphans and motherless babies to medical and preventive treatment facilities.. Daily care of social foster nurses – “SuperMom” (since 2012), volunteer leisure escort providing with key daily material needs. 

1 225 children received support, 320 of them in 2014.

BlagoCampaign_Traditional Charity  «Cake-festival» (regular basis)

BlagoCampaign_Text message for support  (long-term)

«Targeted support for families with children suffering from serious diseases»

Assisting parents in overcoming difficulties and inconveniences caused by the serious disease of their child.

1 680 families received support, 280 of them in 2014, including financial aid for 26 families with total 3,3 mln. roubles.  In 2014 we provided 2 880 of law, general information, psychological support hours.


102 children received financial aid in amount of 7,4 mln. roubles in frames of “We Need You” Charity Marathon. (Initiated by the citizens of Kaliningrad with the support of the local authorities. “I Believe in Miracle” is its financial manager since 2013)


Before 2014 [2]: over 2 310 individual developing trainings with children (creative and curricular), 274  “Happy Birthday!” events in hospitals, over 1 275 targeted visits, targeted visits, as well as visits of parents and relatives whose children passed away, regular assistance in transporting drugs and analysis.  

Programs implemented since 2008

«Socio-cultural support of hospitalized children»

Assisting children in diversifying their leisure activities in their spare of medical treatment time, at weekends and holidays.  Organizing general hospital interactive activities, events for separate children’s departments.

841 events carried out for 13 090 children[3]. 111 of them in 2014 for 2 416 children.

Noncalendar holidays

Calendar events

Thematical “parties”

Sport  adjusted activities  

Music therapy

Clown therapy

Creative activities with the support from our partners

Programs implemented since 2009

«Social rehabilitation of children with serious diseases»

Complex support of children, suffering from serious oncology (cancer), hematologica or other diseases during their stay at in-patient facilities from the very arrival until their complete recovery and stable remission.  

800 children supported. 290 of them – in 2014.

Special project  Rehabilitation camp «Miraclion» (since 2013 г. –  3 terms; on regular basis)

Special project  _Photo-marathon «The world through my eyes»               Special project_ « Workshops &Games»

BlagoCampagn_ «Miracle-Christmas Tree»             International competitions  «Games  of winners» (on regular basis since 2012)

«Modernization of hospitals’ infrastructure of children’s medical and preventive treatment facilities»[4]

Assisting children’s medical and preventive treatment facilities in organizing comfortable living conditions for children by means of creating play rooms and developing areas, building playgrounds outside the hospitals, modernizing hospital departments, providing hospitals with necessary equipment and materials.


Participants: Kaliningrad region children’s, Kaliningrad municipal children’s hospital, Zelenograd district hospital, Zheleznodorozhny district hospital

9 playgrounds created (4 renewed); 2 developing zones; 2 modernization projects отделений; 3 outside playgrounds

Social volunteering

Programs implemented since 2008

«Taking active part in  intern socialization programs of orphanages»

Supporting fosterlings of social institutions: helping centers, boarding schools, orphanages in building relationships with the environment and self-determination, developing self-reliance, responsibility, career guidance


2 636 children received support; 486 of them in 2014

Special project _Cooking club

Special project _Family-circle birthday party

Special project _Photomarathon «Life line»

Church visits

Cinema theaters

Exhibitions, museums, theaters

Yoga and sports events

Adjacent areas

Programs implemented since 2007

«Social charity warehouse»

Maintaining processes of collecting, storing, distributing material (non-financial) donations on requests of the needy fosterling families, social (children’s mainly) institutions.

Distribute food items, clothes, footwear, toys, books,  didactic materials, children’s furniture, and other donations.

In 2014 over 15 tons of various necessary things were passed to the needy.

Special project _«The chest of courage» (longterm)                               BlagoCampaign_«DryBottom» (on regular basis)

«Developing Volunteering in Kaliningrad region»

Creating conditions for unity of young and adult people’s efforts in participating in social support children’s support. Developing social responsibility, patriotism, leadership in kids and children and teenagers.

Enrolled 1 246 people for full-time volunteering. By  01/01/2015 210 people – regular volunteers.

Participants, occasional volunteers - 5 040 чpeople

Program implemented since 2009

«Publishing information materials and specialized literature in support of fosterlings»

Publishing and distributing information material for popularizing charity and volunteering, maintain site, forums, official social pages.

Publishing our own highly specialized literature  in support of children, parents, maintaining library working process.


ü  Book-manual for children suffering from serious diseases “We are close” 

ü  Book-manual for the parents of children suffering from serious diseases “We are together”

Manal for hospital and social volunteering  “I want to be a children’s volunteer & I’m a children’d volunteer” (2 editions, including the corrected one)

Translated from Swedish and published illustrated books for children with oncology:

ü  «Jane and the harmful vesicle»;

ü  «My sister is sick».

Since 2013 we publish a quarterly herald about charity and volunteering  «Kind Newspaper”

Information for contact:



Recipient : Charity center "Верю в чудо


INN/TRRC: 3904095795/390601001

Bank account: 40703810707160000134 

в Филиале ОАО "БИНБАНК" 

в Санкт-Петербурге

correspondent account: 30101810700000000796

BIC: 044030796

OGRN/PSRN: 1093900001777 


Payment reference: Donation, (no VAT)

E-mail: deti39@mail.ru


physical address



Dmitriya Donskogo street  23; ;


Volunteer’s room of   Welfare Center «I Believe in Miracle»   

8 (909) 77-98-200

Director (volunteer) Sofia Lagutinskaya

8 (4012) 37-66-23

Manager , social coordinator, Evgenia Korshova

8 (4012) 76-45-90

Coordinator of the “Hospital orphans” Program Ekaterina Kurt-Kovalenko

8 (4012) 38-24-99

Event coordinator  Svetlana Eremeeva

8 (906) 237-69-63

Координатор по волонтерам Elena Bugaeva

8 (911) 456-84-30

Коммуникативный координатор Lina Azerskaya

[1] Review calculation of the previous years, with having  1 child participating  in at least 2 events.

[2] Since 2015 is accounted in frames of  “Social rehabilitation of children with serious diseases”

[3] Review calculation of the previous years, with having  1 child participating  in at least 1,5 events.

[4] Before  2014 : «Creating comfortable conditions of children’s hospitalization , playrooms and developing zones in children’s hospitals”